Robin Cisneros

Executive Director, Planning and Strategy

Sandra Sebastian

Robin Cisneros is executive director of Planning and Strategy at The Permanente Federation, responsible for supporting executive leadership meetings, the annual strategic planning process, and other strategic planning efforts on behalf of the Permanente Medical Groups (PMGs) and in partnership with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals.

Cisneros has been with Kaiser Permanente since 1989. Prior to joining the Federation, she worked for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) for 12 years, contributing to the establishment of SCPMG’s Medical Technology Management Process and the interregional guideline efforts.

She joined the Federation in 2001 to manage the national agenda for the evidence-based review of new medical technology through the Interregional New Technologies Committee (INTC). In 2004, Cisneros began working with the National Product Council (NPC) to provide strategic direction, coordination, and PMG perspective and leadership. As an associate member of the NPC, Cisneros works with The Permanente Federation, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan/Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente’s Group Purchasing Organization, and the clinical members of the NPC Core Groups and Sourcing and Standards Teams.

Cisneros also served as a member of the Interregional Implant Registry Committee (IIRC), which was established in 2006. The IIRC provides oversight to implant registry projects and manages the development of new implant registries. Most recently, Robin led the creation of the NPC’s Health and Value Creation (HAVC) Initiative. She now serves as HAVC co-chair.

Cisneros has a bachelor’s from Monmouth College in Illinois in physics and a bachelor’s from the University of Southern California in biomedical engineering.


"It was easy for us to build a strong relationship with Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Development team because they share our commitment to high-quality health care and interest in innovation. Their impressive understanding of our industry and the marketplace allowed us to structure a service model that worked well for both parties and retained the values of both our organizations."
Jim Booth, Chief Executive Officer, Comfort Keepers Franchising, Inc.

"This team is extremely responsive and thoughtful in their evaluation of opportunities so they can fully understand and maximize their potential in delivering on care quality and patient interests/satisfaction. They quickly set themselves apart because of their sophisticated understanding of health care rooted in Kaiser Permanente’s well-established integrated care delivery system. Their unique industry position gives them the ability to quickly and productively integrate new and enhanced products and services into patient care."
Court H. Houseworth, Managing Director, Cain Brothers & Company, LLC

"The transactional skills, technical capabilities and professionalism of Kaiser Permanente Corporate Development and Ventures are among the best I've seen. Their involvement significantly accelerated Broadlane's relationship with Kaiser Permanente."
Bob Brada, President, Broadlane

"Kaiser Permanente Corporate Development is focused on driving the highest possible quality of care delivery and efficiency. Their strong business acumen, high professionalism and negotiating abilities achieved great operational success that allowed Nursefinders to navigate a large and complex organization. From our experience, their team is industry leading in all regard."
Bob Livonius, Nursefinders

"Kaiser Permanente Corporate Development was central to the merger and integration of the Buena Ventura Medical Group into Kaiser Permanente. Their thorough due diligence, market knowledge and commitment to a true partnership allowed for a smooth integration that ultimately benefited the citizens of Buena Ventura county as well as Kaiser Permanente members."
Jim Malone, Buena Ventura Medical Group

"LifeStation has had the pleasure of partnering with Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Development group for the last two years. The team’s commitment to Kaiser’s goals and finding the best solution for their members was immediately evident in their rigorous partner selection process. We have often commented within our company on their professionalism and dedication. Collaborating with the Kaiser Corporate Development group has made our company better as they constantly push us and themselves as they work to improve the quality of care that the KP system delivers to their membership."
Daniel Oppenheim, LifeStation, Inc.

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